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Eps 14: SBL From New Age To New Believer with Tracy Wren

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Podcasts | 0 comments

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From New Age To New Believer

Tracy Wren

Today’s conversation is with life and business coach Tracy Wren.  I met Tracy online a while back, and I am really thankful for the relationships that I’m able to make through social media. Way back when social media was created it was for connection, and I really think we’ve lost a lot of that.

Today tracy and I talk about her transition from her New Age belief in the “Universe” bringing things together for good, to claiming Jesus as the CEO of her life and her business. I think this conversation is important because we are so very accustomed in today’s culture to be accepting of all faiths and all religions. And while we can accept and love people of all faiths, I believe it’s important to be bold in what we believe.

This episode might be controversial for some – especially since we get into common practices like yoga. Please don’t hear me say that yoga, or that meditation is wrong for everyone. If you haven’t yet have a listen to episode 08 where I talk about a bible study I went through on the idols of the heart. the Bible says that idols are anything that we put above and before God. So, I’d just invite you to think about where your heart is. If you are committed to your yoga practice but have trouble making time for bible study and prayer, there may be a problem. Especially if you are incorporating some of the prayers and rituals that come with your yoga practice.   

If you are emptying your mind with meditation instead of meditating on God’s word I’d just again invite you to become observant.

Of course this can happen in the gym or with self-improvement and self help books, It can happen with anything that’s capturing the attention of our hearts and minds. Being good stewards of our bodies and our finances is something that we are called to do, but the purpose is to give glory to God and not to the practice.  

Psalm 19:12-14 says Let the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart be acceptable in your sight o lord, my strength and my redeemer. Let’s ask God to show us where we are being steered in the wrong direction by the subtleties of our culture today.

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