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Episode 007: Planning For Profit

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Podcasts | 0 comments

In this episode, Lori walks you through her steps to insure you’re Planning For Profit!

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Planning For Profit

Lori Nordstrom

Planning is an important part of being a business owner.  As you work through each of these areas and put systems in place, you will see your business grow and thrive so that you can live your best, blessed life. 
 “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin
1. Plan to Plan
Make a decision to plan, and plan often. Having time carved out on the calenar is essential to making it happen! 
2. Plan Personally FIRST 
Even when planning your schedule, plan for what’s important personally first, then plan your business time around those things to keep them your number one priority.  
3. Is Plan your Income
Make a decision and know what to expect. The only way to know what to expect is to plan for it. 
4. Plan your Workflow
A workflow that isn’t planned out is the fastest route to burn-out. 
5. Plan your Pricing
The planning of pricing is an important step to profitability. 
Don’t forget to consider your time as you analyze your costs and plan what you need to charge to be profitable. 
6. Plan your Sales
Be the expert for your clients. When we move past necessities into the products and services that most of us as creative entrepreneurs offer, we want someone who gets to know us and suggests what’s right for us. 
7. Plan your Marketing and Networking
Get clear on who it is you want to serve in your business, and be where they are, both off and online. 
8. Plan for Client Communications
It’s all about relationships! Plan for getting to know your clients and communicating with them through the entire process including how you will follow up and stay in touch. 
9. Plan to Give
Giving comes from a place of abundance, so stretch in your giving.  Beyond your tithe, Choose charities, organizations or a family in need that mean something to you.  Look for opportunities to give. 
“No one became poor by giving”.  Anne Frank
10. Plan to Increase
In all of our planning we should always set goals to stretch and to grow and to become more abundant in all areas of our lives.